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Alvaro Lanza-Serrano

Alvaro Lanza

I studied physics at Durham University, graduating with an MPhys, and completing computational research on magnetic skyrmions and confined active matter.
My fascination with the latter drove me to an M2 Masters degree on Physics of Complex Systems, at Sorbonne Université. My experience here learning about the origins of various emergent phenomena, and the powerful tools stochastic thermodynamics provides for analysing the non-equilibrium dynamics of processes that are fundamental to life itself, fully cemented my desire to embark on a PhD in the field. Thus, after an internship at the Gulliver Lab (ESPCI) on simulated active solids, in Oct 2023 I began a PhD on "nonequilibrium thermodynamics of fluctuating living systems". I am especially interested in developing analytical descriptions of these systems and their experimental testability.

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